December 4th, 2017

Prepared to Survive and Recover?

As an intelligent response for disasters of any size and nature, efficient Business Recovery Solutions resolve disruptive events like data loss, cyber-attacks, hardware failure, network failure and file corruption to name a few.  Although these possibilities generate a predictable set of conditions to tackle, the recovery solution to implement will always vary in respect to the company and its situation.  Nonetheless, a good Recovery plan should always include a detailed road map to follow.  When it comes to experiencing sequences of catastrophic events, the best chance your organization has to survive and overcome any given disaster, would lie beneath a carefully crafted recovery plan.  Yet as a business entity, with affairs to run and a success to ensure, managing your technology may not be in your cords of expertise.  Outsourcing a solution provider to work by your side to ensure a smooth process, will enable you to stay focused on your business and productivity. 

Planning a recovery is much more complex than one can realize; from identifying the nature and causes of a disaster, to getting in touch with the qualified helping party, dealing with office space and insurance coverage for damages, setting up a damage control process, managing deadlines affected by the disaster, deferring financial issues until systems are restored, you could become overwhelmed and pulled away from your primary focus; your business.  At the same time, directing your thoughts on negative outcomes or worse case scenarios is not what we encourage you to do; you have a business, to run and drive to success.  On the other hand, considering collaborating with a trusted Solution Provider is a must and most likely one of the best business decision you could ever make.  Because it is far less expensive to prevent a disaster than it is to re-acquire lost assets, we urge you to acquire the best-crafted continuity plans that will lead your business to a speedy recovery, in case of any man-made or natural disaster.  By doing so, not only you will help prevent your organization from undergoing undesired and unplanned business interruptions but you will also be prepared to overcome what may seem insurmountable to other businesses. 

Having a reliable hosting service is crucial to the success of your business.  And the implementation of a recovery plan that suits the infrastructure of your enterprise is as important, for it will enable you to amplify the recovery strategy and survival rate of your organization.  An effective disaster recovery plan can also include a migration to the cloud.  With Cloud computing sitting on top of the business world, considering transitioning to such a mobile dimension could not happen at a better time. 

Protecting your data, managing your system and keeping it up and running at its maximum potential with minimum downtime, is what we do best.  So, call us today and our engineers will be glad to help you identify the most adequate recovery plan for your company.