Migrate your business in the cloud for greater flexibility and more opportunities.
A robust solution that enables you to do business whenever and wherever.

Designed to offer operational flexibility, greater agility and improved collaboration, our cloud provides organizations with application management, a private server in the cloud as well as a single secure place to store, access and manage data. You now can improve your business performance by benefiting from cost saving advantages, business continuity and 24x7 support. At TCE Global, your data confidentiality, security, regulatory compliance, interoperability of standards and quality of service is important to us; our cloud & mobility solution empowers you to flexibly run your applications and privately access your data and resources, anywhere, at any time, from any device.

An cost saving solution to ease maintenance and reduce administration

To enable your organization achieve its strategic goals and increase its business efficiency, regardless of location and choice of device, application hosting is a proficient solution with many benefits Low Maintenance - Affordable -- Low risk - Easy Integration - Ease of Access -

A single IT solution tailored to meet the diverse performance, security and flexibility
requirements of organizations.

Based on your business needs, a virtual desktop infrastructure will answer for offline access & high performance computing resources and will enable your organization to do the following: achieve key strategic goals - reduce time required to integrate acquisition empower your users with device choice - keep critical data secured lower hardware requirements - reduce storage cost and enhance your mobility. .

Power your applications and store your data without expenditures

Your organization will benefit from server monitoring, security, managed storage and back up. The business benefits of a managed hosting include getting a service customized to meet your needs, reduced operating costs, as well as time and money saved.
TCE global is responsibility for the service and maintenance of your servers. Our 24×7 monitoring and professional technical support mean that we’ll look after your infrastructure while you focus on more important things. our data centers and Microsoft expertise helps ensure the reliability and security of our hosted environments to a greater level than that of most corporate facilities. Outsourcing server management service and letting experts do their job, is simply a better practice to help your business meet its objectives. .

Collaborating from anywhere and across devices has never been easier.
Enjoy the familiarity and power of Office, with the flexibility of the cloud.

Easy to set up and manage, Office 365 takes care of IT for you and make sure your services are always up and running and updated. Whether in your office or on the go, you now can work from anywhere, at any time and benefit from working with business productivity tools that will help your organization with the following:
Branding your business class email with your company name - Communicating through emails, IM & video conferencing · Up to 1 TB of online file storage per user - Sharing resources internally & externally · Multi-party HD video -  Share calendars -  Conduct Team Chat

Transform you email environment into a secure communication work place.
and have complete control over the flow of your most sensitive data.

Our security system enables you to send and receive encrypted emails, collect e-signatures, share large file attachments, as well as manage and track communications directly from your 0ffice 365 inbox. With real time tracking and enhanced security, additional features will enable you to: protect your password, send and receive large files, track and prove an email has been received, read and replied, and recall wrongly sent messages even after they've been read.

Our Cloud & Mobility Advantage

Improved Collaboration
Improved Mobility/Flexibility
Immediate Update & Upgrades
Cloud Data Recovery
Cost Effective Solutions
Environmentally friendly


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