January 2nd, 2018

Core IT Values to Support Your Business Growth

Don't we all love technology and how easy it makes running a business and handling various other responsibilities?  As a business owner, the greatest outcome technology will bring to you is Control, to effectively run your business, and Resources, to efficiently conduct your day to day operations.  But, as great as technology can be, let's be honest and admit that it can drive us crazy at times!  When it is the case, know that time has come to resourcefully put technology to work for you, so it can suitably support your business.  Here are a few non-negligible advantages Managed IT delivers, which you should consider, to better support your organization.
  • Network optimization & Emerging Technology
Managed IT solutions enable business owners to remain current with technological evolution, in order to better control and conduct their business operations and meet their client's needs and demands, online and offline.  With Managed services, governing your operability will no longer be a struggle thanks to what innovative solutions and emerging technology can bring to the table; not only you will be equipped with better means and great support to manage your time, resources and productivity, but you will also be empowered to improve your performance, keep your current clients happy while finding new ones.  Are you ready to put technology to work for you?  
  • System reliability & Dedicated Support
Productivity is important to the success of your business.  While your employees will count on your network's availability and reliability, your customers and site visitors will also rely on your system to be up and running the most efficiently possible.  How to ensure such outcome? By taking advantage of outsourced IT services.  Whether you don't have an internal IT department or need further support for your existing unit, outsourced IT services is a great solution to get your system diagnosed and have the toughest IT problems solved through proactive management and help desk support.  Not only it helps with controlling your cost, protecting, maintaining and repairing your system, but it is a service that also provides advanced monitoring options.  With Managed IT services, your network environment is guaranteed to operate efficiently, so you can finally focus on your business while your service provider is taking care of your technology.
  • Advanced protection, Updates & Patches
Your technology environment is always at risk for malware, virus and cyber-attacks.  Whether on the web or in your operating systems, it is primordial to constantly have your system up to date.  However, any improper patch installation will neither prevent nor fix security issues and consequently, your system will be exposed.  Because most software leave the patch installation up to the end user, it's crucial for all business owners to ensure proper installation, be aware of the status of their network's security programs and always know whether the software they're using are current and up to date with system security.  Do you know if your software and network security programs are correctly installed, updated and up to par?
  • Malware attacks & Business recovery 
In business, data is one of your most important resources; but your system is constantly at risk.  In the event of any given cyber-attack, losing your data can cause your company to experience a major structural and or financial decline.  To best reduce such threat, you must consider high-quality Disaster Recovery solutions and Data Backup alternatives.  With fast and accurate remote backup options, like data replication for example, you can back up your data anytime, at any frequency in a day, without experiencing downtime.  By neglecting to frequently and proactively run data back up, you will put your company at risk for disastrous damages.  Whether onsite, in the cloud or safely store offsite, securing your data is a must.

TCE Global is not just a Managed IT company.  We are a trusted full-service Business IT Solution Provider dedicated to carefully analyze, comprehensively remedy and methodically solve some of the most difficult IT conundrum, thanks to our proactive management approach and customer support system.  At TCE Global, we put technology to work for you.  Find out what TCE Global can do for you today!