Your data is the lifeline of your organization.
Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster...

Our core Business Recovery platform provides high disaster recovery process and our team of experts will design a well thought business continuity plan centered around your critical business needs. Our Cloud Disaster Service can provide the ability to recover your entire infrastructure in our private cloud in matter of minutes.

Onsite data protection customized for your business
We make sure that your critical data is quickly recoverable onsite.

Whether you have flexible recovery time objectives or pretty stringent industry or government requirements, we make sure to design the best onsite data protection and identify your critical data and adjust our SLA around your needs. We align your success with our business to make sure that your Business Recovery is at he forefront of our engagement.

Our Offsite data vault provides you with a secure data copy
in our state of the art Data Center.

A recovery plan that includes secure offsite data vault is a smart solution that enables you to recover lost data quickly and efficiently.
With Offsite Data Vault (part of our Business Recovery Solution) your data files are safe..
We secure your electronic media in our state-of-the-art Datacenter.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) provide you with near real time protection against
disasters, virus, ransomware and other unforeseen issues.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) allows for improved recovery point objectives by allowing shorter time intervals between backups.This means that if disaster does strike, you only need to roll back a few minutes or an hour, rather than a few days.
Unlike tape backup, CDP technology does not require the interruption or scheduling of applications to perform backups.It works continuously to backup your critical data to an alternative server so you can immediately recover data from any point in time.

Realize a complete cloud protection strategy with TCE Global Cloud Data Recovery

Whether your production environment is on premises or hosted at a third-party site, TCE Global Cloud Data Recovery lets you implement scalable, flexible, secure disaster recovery without requiring changes to your existing IT infrastructure. And since it's hosted in the cloud, TCE Global Cloud Data Recovery is ready to bring you back on line quickly, whenever or wherever disaster strikes.

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