February 6th, 2018

Computing in a Sky of Immeasurable Limits

In recent years, the business world has been using Cloud computing systems as a mean for convenient and on demand network access to shared resources.  Cloud & Mobility systems enable businesses to manage their configurable computer resources with minimal efforts and interaction with their service provider.  And often implemented as a business strategy, it is important to underline that every company, regardless of its size or industry, needs and values the benefits Cloud computing brings to the table. 

An estimated one third of America's small businesses have taken advantage of Cloud computing and it's been predicted that this figure could double over the next five years.  The overall security and efficiency mobile work platforms offer its users includes the flexibility to remain productive anytime, anywhere and from any chosen device.  With Cloud computing not only, businesses can benefit from automation and streamed lines operations, but its Mobile capacity sets the sky as the only limit to perform duties, in good quantity and great quality. 

Is your business considering a transition to cloud computing?  Because more and more enterprises are moving to the clouds; it's a system that has turned out to be very prominent in numerous business communities, for reasons that have become paramount to most organizations, regardless of their size or industry: flexibility, mobility, security, lower IT costs, improved collaboration and peace of mind.  CISCO predicted that in the next couple of years, more than 86% of workload will be processed by cloud centers, which calls businesses to strengthen their security strategies in order to better prevent or protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

With the world having gone mobile in a big way, flexibility and agility are vital to the success of a business, bridging the physical gap between office based and remote workers.  Regardless of the size of your enterprise or just considering the speed of its growth, Cloud computing makes collaborating and accessing documents and common resources easier than ever, effortless and in real time while providing peace of mind on unforeseen disasters.  As a newly found efficiency, cloud and mobility solutions will let you stretch your resources further than you could have otherwise.

When it comes to Cloud computing, business wise, there are two ways to go about it: If your IT needs are basic and you're not ready to invest in a more comprehensive solution, there are great starting points out there for sharing documents and spreadsheets, with powerful tools for mobile business.  But if the IT needs of your company are strong, the time has come to choose a cloud solution that will grow with your business.  It is crucial to select the adequate cloud solution and the right strategy for a cloud architecture that will best suit your business needs and requirements.  Our engineers at TCE Global can show you the robust aptitudes of a cloud computing system and how working on a cloud will set the sky as your only limit.